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Welcome to Utah House Flip. We have been flipping homes for 20 years and have flipped just about every type of residential dwelling you can imagine including duplexes, condos, and single family homes all over Salt lake, Utah, and Davis Counties. We have run into all sorts of headaches over the years as every property is unique and every deal presents its own challenges. Through overcoming the obstacles and challenges we have formulated what we feel is the best, most secure, and most profitable way to flip homes. Flippers can waste a lot of money doing the wrong upgrades, missing key upgrades, or doing the right upgrades in the wrong way. It is truly an industry that relies heavily on experience. Unfortunately there are many people that dive into house flipping without experience and without a good team and end up losing a lot of time, energy, and money. Don’t learn the hard way. Team up with us and we will share our experience, system, and use our team to help you make more money than you possibly could on your own. We will do it securely and with way less stress! This isn’t some get rich quick. It will take some time but it will bring in the money. I have discussed what we offer to house flipping, and now I’d like to take a moment to discuss what we are looking for in a potential team member. This isn’t a program we sale. We aren’t looking for you to buy into our team by paying us money. We are looking for a partnership. To bring on a partner they need to bring something to the table that benefits the partnership also.

You would make a great addition to our team if you have:

  • Realtor license
  • Financing, capital or liquid funds that you can readily access
  • Construction experience
  • A potential house flip project
  • Or an ability to manage and time you can dedicate to a project

If you have one of these items to offer please contact us and lets discuss how we can create a win/win situation.